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Discover our comprehensive and reliable solutions for all of your tax concerns. From efficient tax preparation, to representating you before the IRS, we can do it all!
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Proven Tax Resolution

We offer comprehensive tax services, including IRS Fresh Start qualification, unfiled returns, IRS audit defense, tax preparation extension, business and personal tax management. Our expert team ensures accurate filings, maximized deductions, and financial stability.
Preventative Measures

We provide guidance on maintaining compliance to avoid future tax problems. We help you implement effective tax planning strategies to stay on top of your obligations.

Appeals and Advocacy

If you believe a levy or lien was imposed in error, we assist in filing appeals. We represent your interests in discussions and hearings with tax authorities.

Tax Debt Resolution
Wage Garnishments, Levies, & Liens
Fresh Start Program

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Comprehensive Business & Personal Tax Services

We offer solutions for tax preperation & tax problems that designed to meet the unique needs of both individuals and businesses. With our expert team, you receive personalized tax resolution aimed at optimizing your financial situation and ensuring compliance with all tax regulations

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Our Services Include

Our solution for tax services stand out due to our dedication to providing expert, personalized, and reliable solutions. Here's why you should choose us for your tax needs:

In-Depth Consultation and Assessment

We conduct a thorough review of your tax situation to understand the scope and impact of the levy or lien. Our experts provide a detailed assessment, identifying potential solutions and strategies tailored to your needs

Strategic Resolution Plans

We work diligently to negotiate the release of levies on your bank accounts, wages, or other assets, minimizing financial disruption.

Professional Negotiation with Tax Authorities

Our experienced professionals act as intermediaries, communicating directly with the IRS or state tax authorities on your behalf.

Appeals and Advocacy Services

If a levy or lien has been imposed in error, we assist you in filing appeals and representing your case. We advocate on your behalf in discussions and hearings with tax authorities, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously, cost is a primary concern and most people are looking for the best deal.

Fortunately, we have upfront pricing. See our pricing guide here.

The initial consultation and review of your case is always free. If we determine that your situation requires professional help, we will give you a quote. You will always be advised of the total cost upfront. There are no hidden charges or add-ons.

Some people want to know “how much” before they will go any further with discussing their tax problem. Some tax firms prey on these individuals by quoting an upfront fee of between $599 and $2,500. Of course, this is not an indication of the total cost and is usually followed with ongoing fees that can total thousands of dollars.

There are 4 primary methods, and you need to understand the difference, as many companies’ methods are not transparent and often very misleading.

Flat Fees – All-Inclusive: A flat fee that includes all required services to complete your case is the most reliable way to immediately know the full cost of your case before committing to work with any tax relief company. It also assures that you are working with a company that has professionals on staff that can handle all services associated with your case.

Flat fees – Non-Inclusive: Many firms will quote a low fee, but downplay or outright neglect to tell you that they don’t provide some critical services. Ask if your “flat” fee covers all of the services required to resolve you tax issue. Bookkeeping, audit representation and filing your back tax returns are common services that some tax relief companies exclude. Failure to include these services can cause delays and unexpected costs to your case, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find additional professionals to get the work done.

Teaser Fees: Some tax relief firms take advantage of price shoppers by selling them on what appears to be a reasonable upfront “investigation fee,” but then follow up days or weeks into the process to inform them that the remainder of the case is going to be additional $$$$.

Ongoing Fees: Other companies just bill you by the hour, which is by nature a conflict of interest leading to unpredictable, ever growing costs and slow progress of your case.

As part of your free consultation, we’ll provide you a transparent quote for our tax solution services. We do not offer monthly payment options in most cases, but you may have an option to utilize a buy now pay later service at checkout.

Other tax relief companies may quote you for services and then add on unexpected fees afterwards. With Goldmine Tax and Business Solutions, what you’re quoted during your free consultation will be all you’ll pay.  Note: If a case has to go to appeals there will be a separate engagement. 

One of our top experts, Mrs. LaBena Oatis- Curtis, EA , is licensed to practice before the IRS for clients facing tax problem solutions issues.  

All cases are assigned to licensed tax professionals. We only work with Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents (EA’s) to manage your case. We also maintain a dedicated staff of Quickbooks certified bookkeepers, and a slew of tax preparers who specialize in preparing current and back tax returns.